About Crawford Roofing Experts

All roofs leak eventually. When yours does we do not recommend replacement without a thorough investigation and a diligent attempt at repair. Crawford Roofing Experts runs on the premise that roofs don’t fail overnight. Therefore, its serviceable life may be extended through proper maintenance and repair.

We specialize in maintenance and repair of roofs and their related systems. Our tradesmen have a high rate of successfully finding and repairing roofing problems. This provides our customers with lower costs and a shorter period of inconvenience. All repairs are made in accordance with our modernized roofing techniques using compatible materials of the highest quality. Our crews are experienced with new and traditional types of roofing systems and are backed by our quality conscious management team.

When your plant or warehouse roof requires service, consider Crawford Roofing Experts. Better yet, for a FREE inspection and a preventative maintenance estimate, call today!

Timeline of Crawford Roofing Experts History

  • Finished the Roofing Design Center

    Crawford Roofing Experts complete the roofing design center at the Rabine Group headquarters. The design center allows our team to give tours on a roof of 15 plus roof options. Contact us to schedule a tour or seminar.

  • CRE joins the Rabine Group

    The Rabine Group, a conglomerate of local and national construction companies, invests in Crawford Roofing Experts. CRE is the Rabine Group’s eleventh company.

  • Crawford Joins Chicago Roofing Contractors Association

    CRCA is a local trade association of roofing contractors in the greater Chicagoland area. Crawford Roofing Experts has been an active member since 1984.

  • CRE Joins NRCA

    Crawford Roofing Experts has been a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association since 1982.

  • 50 million SF of Roofing

    Crawford Roofing Experts reaches 50 million square feet of roof maintained.

  • Crawford Roofing Experts is Founded

    Thomas Billish founded Crawford Roofing Solutions to provide maintenance services to the Chicagoland area.

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision:

To Empower our Partners to Discover the Difference.

Our Values:


Drive Accountability

We hold ourselves and others accountable to commitments.

Respect Everyone

We act with honor and integrity.

Perform with Passion

We work smart with a desire to exceed expectations.

Deliver Exceptional Experiences

We create value and certainty.

Practice Continuous Improvement

We challenge ourselves and others to be better.

Rabine Group companies:

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