Roof Surveys

Roof Surveys

Crawford Roofing Experts (CRE) has performed over 2,000 roof surveys and evaluations of all types of low sloped roofs.

Our highly qualified consultants have certifications that include:

  • Registered Roof Consultant (RRC)
  • Registered Roof Observer (RRO)
  • Construction Document Technologist (CDT)
  • Roofing Industry Education Institute Roofing Technologist

Each survey is customized to fit the client’s needs, budget, and roofing situation. Our team of experts are the most qualified to recommend innovative fixes and proactive maintenance.

The CRE reports include:

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Roof System

An overview of the existing roof is done describing how to access the roof, the types of insulation, substrate, surfacing,and membrane that is used. It will include the square footage and the estimated serviceable lifespan.

Existing Condition

Our experts will report on issues pertaining to anything and everything on the roof. This includes drain sumps, coatings, pipe portals, exhaust fans, expansion joints, sun and wind damage, and sheet metal.

Preventative Maintenance

Our team will recommend preventative maintenance that will save our clients money by doing before they become major issues.

Projected Budget

A budget will be proposed based on the recommendations of our roofing experts.

Picture Documentation

The report will include a section dedicated to picture documentation of the condition and areas we recommend maintenance on.  This section will also have descriptions of what exactly the picture is referring to.

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